Mission Thailand: A blog mini-series (introduction)

I want to tell you about the most recent adventure that God sent me on. I could not do it justice if I simply wrote one post about it. I have not been much of a traveler until I started listening to the still small voice calling me out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. That’s the essence of faith I suppose.

Thailand was the most recent episode in a wonderful and amazing season of my life. The winds of change started around February of 2022 with a call from the Bishop to a “Matthew 25” conference in El Paso, TX. It included a 3 day conference ending in a trip across the border into Juarez, Mexico.

In August of 2022 the adventure continued in Colombia. There God introduced me to my brothers and sisters in both Medellin and Puerto Valdivia. My wonder and amazement was met reciprocally with the people and children’s amazement of us. They couldn’t believe we cared for them as much as we do. The same could be said for us.

Most recently I said yes to yet another mystical call from God to represent our Diocese and our Lord and Savior in Thailand. I would like to break down for you the day by day activities, wonders, storms and joys that transpired. I hope you will take some join to read along in the coming days.

My hope for this series is not to boast, for I cannot boast about anything I have done, but rather who God is. Maybe you too will find inspiration to listen for that still small voice who is nudging you to move, move into the life he has intended for you, far greater than you could ever imagine. I am on my journey, won’t you come along?

In His Name, Father Jason Bowden

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