Mission Thailand (Part 5)

Day 5 (Sunday) was quite an exciting day. It began with a Holy Eucharist Service at St. Gabriel’s, Noh Bo. The setting was beautiful, beautiful Church Building, music and singing by the Church Choir, and an open air feel as the windows and doors were thrown wide open to accept and welcome all.

The service was filled with such joy and honor as I was aked to preach the Sermon, with Richard as my translator, giving honor and glory to God and encouragement to the faithful in attendance. Deacon Marti Isler, my friend and companion, proudly proclaimed the Gospel before I preached. A wonderful worship of God.

After Mass we were treated to lunch and then a full day of meeting, encouraging, Q and A, and a tour with the students of Noh Bo academy. A few of the students were able to reconnect with Deacon Marti as she was not able to visit since pre-Covid when some of the students were in an orphanage. We toured the Dormatories, Soccer Field, Tulapia Tanks, Chicken Coupes and pig farm. The students do the work and are able to raise money while working.

After the tour, a program was put on by the students and faculty. Dance and music groups performed as well as the entire school sand us a song, thanking us for our visit, prayers and support. We even received hand made gifts and were able to hug and handshake every student as they passed by us on stage. Deacon Marti and I gave encouragement speeches to students and faculty before heading off to our next destination.

Students in the school range the gamit of ages but all learning is taught with one thing in mind, God is real, He loves you, and He has plans for your future. Well done to all who work and support Noh Bo.

Stay Tuned for more as I am healing well and getting back to work…

In HIs Name, Father Jason Bowden

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