Mission Thailand (Part 6)

Monday we continued our visits with a trip to St. James’ Church, Mae Salid. Another beautiful Church with amazing, welcomin people. The highlight of this particular visit was meating “Grandma”. No one knows her exact age, however it is best believed that she is in her 90’s. An extremely devout woman who, after losing her husband 20 years ago, still maintains a devout, service filled life. She cleans the Church building regurlary and is relied upon for “Testing” newcomers to the village to determine if they are Christian. When she asked where we are from, I had to use a cell phone Map picture to show her. You see, Grandma knows that you are from Myanmar or Thailand, or she considers you outside of Thailand or Myanmar. She asked for a picture with us so that she would remember or faces, then asked for prayer for her health and that of her Son.

After our visit to the Church, We then were off to Gray Kee to visit St. Barnabas’ Church. Again, we never found a place where we were not warmly welcomed and shown around. This was a light day as we spent some extra time at the Guest House preparing for the long journey Home.

Stay tuned for the final part and my overall wrap-up of our trip.

In His Name, Father Jason Bowden

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