Mission Thailand (Final Part)

Our final day and a half was packing up and traveling back to Bangkok, over to Tokyo, a long flight to Dallas, then to Peoria.

After a one hour flight to Bangkok, we were picked up by the Dean of Bangkok, Dean Lee. He took us to our Hotel for the evening. After we checked in, he took us to his Church building and then for dinner. I did find something very unique at a Bangkok Burger King. Their number one selling Whopper is chocolate covered with a side of chocolate covered French Fries and a chocolate Coke. No thanks! Apparently, as the Dean told us, Thai people love sweets.

We had some amazing conversation, however, something was pressing for me to ask the Dean. How do you start doing ministry in a city (Bangkok) with 12.9 million people? He told us the story of how he got on the train one day, as it has 12 total stops. At each stop, he would get off the train and pray. Finally, on the 12th stop, God said to him “Start here”. They began with the youth, teaching english as a second language at a Buhdist Temple. Amazing!

From there we were off to the Bangkok airport at 4:00 a.m.

Overwhelmingly what I will take away from this trip was the people. Very devout, reverant, welcoming and joyous. Many of the people in Thailand that we met have been forced to leave their home country, Myanmar, to seek safety and refuge in Thailand. Even living in Refugee Camps, unable to leave the fenced in areas, they are highly focused on two things, education and worship. Seems to me that the less you have, the happier you can be. They are in need, food and shelter, however, God is providing like minded individuals who have come together to support and lift up the gift of life.

Please pray for the refugees in Thailand and the people in Myanmar (The Karen State) who are still living there amongst the daily threat of air raids. May God shield and protect them.

God bless you and thank you for reading about this mission. If you would prayerfully consider donating to my discretionary fund, you will help me reach people in need. You can find out how and the front page of my blog (Donate Box)

In His Name, Father Jason Bowden

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